State of Florida Investigation Agency License # A1600229

Why use Leadway Investigative Services?

We are a highly professional our reputation or paramount. We are extremely experienced and we provide the best service to meet the needs of our clients. We believe our experience and customer focus or second to none.

What types of work does Leadway Investigative Services provide?

We are a “full service” organization and specialize in a vast array of investigation. For detailed information please refer to “Our Services”.

What do I do to engage a private investigator?

Make contact: email or telephone and then come and meet with us.

How much does it cost to hire a private investigator? Is it affordable?

The cost depends on the nature of the case. Clients are charged an hourly rate and investigations are tailored to keep within monetary budgets set.
We are very cost effective, without changing the quality of any investigation.
In a consultation with you we will gain a clear understanding of your requirements and any budgetary restrictions.
We will then provide you with a cost estimate determined by how best to achieve results at the lowest cost possible.
We will provide you with a signed Service Agreement detailing costs.

Do I pay you before the investigation commences?
I have been quoted a lower price and have been assured quality service?

Often where you are quoted a low price, so is the quality of service. Leadway Investigative (L.I.S) Services guarantees none equal expert service.

How long does it take for a private investigator to solve a case?

This depends on the nature of the case however be assured our resources are directed to complete the investigation in a very timely manner.

Can a private investigator help in cases of fraud?

Yes. Our private investigators are extremely helpful in this area. Several of our investigators including the Director of Leadway (LIS) are very experienced in fraud.

Do private investigators work on commercial issues?

Yes. Our investigators are very experienced in conducting all manners of commercial type investigations. We can save you time and money by assisting you in the event you also need to obtain the services of a lawyer.

For some types of investigations, why use a Private Investigator, why not just go to the police?

The use of our private investigators will speed up the process. We will provide a complete investigation package to the police. This makes their job far easier and more time efficient. They will act on your complaint quicker.

Can we work with your solicitor?

Yes. For any potential litigation type matters we prefer to take instructions direct from your solicitor. The two main reasons for this are –
• To ensure a streamlined relevant investigation
• To protect the information on evidence obtained, through legal professional privilege.

Are our investigators experienced?

Yes. All of our investigators are highly skilled/experienced and are fully licensed. Unlike many other investigation firms our investigators have not just completed investigation type training courses. Instead, all of our personnel are either experienced ex-police detectives or commercial investigators who have conducted all types of major and minor investigations in a wide range of industries throughout their entire working lives.

Are all inquiries confidential and is my privacy guaranteed?

Yes. All inquiries conducted by Leadway Investigative Services (L.I.S) are strictly confidential. Unless ordered to do so by a court we will not divulge your identity or personal information and or the subject investigation to any third party.
We will provide you with a signed Service Agreement guaranteeing confidentiality.

Does Leadway Investigative Services (LIS) ever engage in illegal activity?

No. We do not condone behavior that is morally wrong or offensive. At no time do our investigators engage in any activity which contravenes any code, state or federal laws.

Does surveillance work?

Yes. Surveillance is a very useful investigative tool in many areas. Our success rate utilizing surveillance is very high.

If you have any problem in your life and need the help of an Investigator... We are available