State of Florida Investigation Agency License # A1600229

Leadway Investigative services are tailored to the legal

Leadway Investigative Services (LIS) for many years, as engaged in numerous area assist in a wide range of family law investigations and matters including divorce and child custody disputes. Our team of specialist private investigators can assist in obtaining the information and evidence you require in all areas of family law disputes.

Child Custody

Divorce is a traumatic experience for any family and when children are involved it can turn into a mountain that seems beyond your capacity to climb. As child custody private investigators, we can assist. We’re here to give you a foundation on which to build your case, and your future.

Cheating Partner

If you suspect your partner of being unfaithful or deceitful, you want to know! Living with the uncertainty and suspicion is a distressing experience that can affect an entire family. Leadway (LIS) can help.

Deception is not easy proven on can be challenging and often leads to confusion and frustration. Leadway (LIS) infidelity investigators, will bring objectivity and sanity to the process, making it easier to approach and solve the problem. We will ascertain the truth to either put your concerns to rest, or confirm your suspicions.

Any confidential information obtained during the investigation will help you to make informed decisions, establish peace of mind, and move forward with your life. It is the job of our private investigator to work closely with you to plan the best strategy for success.


Because it is discreet and objective, surveillance is a very good tool for investigating:

  • Cheating partners
  • Divorce matters
  • Child custody issues

Our surveillance operatives are all licensed investigators with decade of experience. All are experts in their fields.

Undercover Operatives

Our female and male operatives are very experienced in undercover work and are particularly skilled in identifying partners who are cheating. Part of being a good divorce private investigator includes the ability to gather evidence that will provide you with mental and legal advantages going forward.


If you have any problem in your life and need the help of an Investigator... We are available