State of Florida Investigation Agency License # A1600229


LEADWAY Investigative Services (LIS) is based in the heart of Miami. We are the leading investigation firm that has been serving the needs of south Florida since 2015.

LEADWAY Investigative Services (LIS) is not about high turnover. We recognize that each client has their own specific needs and we pride ourselves on meeting those needs, delivering results in a cost-effective efficient manner.

As Director, Mr. Emerson built a reputation as one of LEADWAY leading investigators. He has years’ experience, and prides himself on delivering quality service to his clients.

Private Sector Investigations

  • Corporate
  • Law Firms
  • Government
  • Small Business
  • Individual Members of the Public
  • Surveillance

Our Private Investigators

Leadway team of private investigators are client focused and results-driven. All of our investigators are licensed under the provisions of the Security and Related Activities (Control) Act 493 Leadway private investigators are highly skilled professionals with vast experience in all facets of all types of investigations. They are completely ethical in their investigative methodology and act with strict confidentiality, which is essential to today’s personal and business needs.

What Happens Next?

Before an investigation is assigned to one of our investigators, we review your instructions and generate a comprehensive investigation plan and suitable resources are allocated.

Your investigation is controlled by a senior member of our management team and every detail is monitored on a daily basis.
Your relationship with our firm is based on confidence and trust. We protect your interests and complete your investigation professionally, in a timely cost- efficient manner.

Leadway Investigative Services specialized in locating missing persons. As long as your reasons for wanting a person located are strictly lawful, then Leadway will assist. Missing persons we locate include:

  • Absent Partners
  • Debtors
  • Lost Family Members or Friends
  • Will Beneficiaries
  • Witnesses

Our missing person investigations are comprehensive and strictly confidential. Methods used by our private investigators to find people include interviews, discreet inquiries, database searches and surveillance.

If you have any problem in your life and need the help of an Investigator... We are available